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"Life Mastery Series" An Overcomer's Guide to transformation, transition and new identity.

Join Intuitive Film Producer and Spirit Warrior, Sistah Soldier as she encourages you to trust God and the process. 

She shares how to awaken your senses to the daily miracles surrounding you moment by moment so you’ll no longer view things as if they’re happening to you, but for you. 

Learn to recognize your steps are ordered, and you’re covered by the Spirit of God no matter what it looks like in the eyes of humankind.


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*Arriving Spring 2024

A Guide to Free the Warrior from whatever stage they are existing to identify self worthiness to find and or continue their life purpose.

Learn the Truth About Your Spiritual Identity According to the Promises of God, and Overcoming the Obstacles of Life.

It all begins with your mindset.

Discover The Warrior In You!

Have you been… doubting yourself, your intuitiveness, or past encounters? 

Perhaps wondering why God has allowed you to live through traumatic experiences, tough times, or difficult relationships? Guess what? Many have felt that way. God has a unique plan for your life, and you were assigned to fulfill a specific mission and purpose. 

This guide will help you unveil past experiences to create clarity for the journey ahead. You have an inherited right to understand, operate and align with the plans and thoughts available for you to prosper, and access the success you’re destined for. 

1 Chronicles 28:10 Consider now, "for the Lord has chosen you."

"Be Strong and DO THE WORK!"

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Remove the barriers.

Let go of excuses, blame, and upset and replace it with forgiveness to free your mind and pathway for conscious decisions instead of through emotional experiences.


Decide to be free.

Freedom is a choice. Understand how to identify possibilities, determine the best paths for your individual success, be decisive and take action.  


Own iT!

Gain confidence and take ownership of your life, spirituality, and mindset when you stake claim of your spiritual authority with personal ownership. 

Sistah's Story

Transferred to the wounded warrior’s battalion on a journey that would change her life forever. Read her extraordinary story of transformation, rising up, and identifying that her strength comes from the warrior within her divine identity. Not to fight but to be free to live. Every step that she took was taken by faith, hope and charity. The greatest gift she was able to find was charity.

Sistah Soldier: Author of A Spirit Warrior's Mindset

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30-Days to Developing a Spirit Warrior's Mindset Course

For thirty days, Sistah will walk you through the seven distinctions & practices covering: Trust, Purpose, Identity, Courage, Spiritual Gifts, Owning iT all, and the Discipline to Carry it Out.

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